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children's collage Children's Environmental Health

Children's environmental health is an important concern to the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH). We are increasing focus and attention on children and working in partnership with other agencies and organizations to protect children from exposures to harmful chemicals and other environmental health hazards.

Children may be more exposed and more vulnerable to hazards in the environment. Pound for pound, kids breathe more air, drink more fluids, and eat more food than do adults. Kids are also developing, so they may be more vulnerable to exposures than adults. The MDH houses many programs with a special emphasis on children. A few of these programs are:

  • Lead poisoning prevention
  • Fish advisories for pregnant women and children
  • Assessing risks to children from sites with hazardous waste
  • Healthy school environments
  • Food safety for youth

For more information on these programs and other MDH programs focusing on children's environmental health, visit MDH Initiatives.

Updated Monday, 11-Mar-2019 09:38:49 CDT