Summary of General Requirements for Recreational Camping Areas: Manufactured Home Parks and Recreational Camping Areas- Minnesota Dept. of Health

Manufactured Home Parks and Recreational Camping Areas
Summary of General Requirements for Recreational Camping Areas


  • Recreational camping area (RCA), means any area, whether privately or publicly owned, used on a daily, nightly, weekly, or longer basis for the accommodation of five or more tents or recreational camping vehicles free of charge or for compensation. "Recreational camping areas" do not include youth camps, industrial camps, U.S. Forest Service Camps, state forest service camps, state wildlife management areas or state owned public access areas which are restricted in use to picnicking and boat landing, and temporary holding areas for self contained recreational vehicles created adjacent to motor sports facilities.
  • Recreational camping vehicle (RCV), includes the following:
    • Any vehicular, portable structure built on a chassis, designed to be used as a temporary dwelling for travel, recreational, and vacation uses;
    • Any structure designed to be mounted on a truck chassis for use as a temporary dwelling for travel, recreation, and vacation;
    • Any portable, temporary dwelling to be used for travel, recreation, and vacation, constructed as an integral part of a self propelled vehicle; and
    • Any folding structure, mounted on wheels designed for travel, recreation, and vacation use.

Recreational Camping Vehicle Spacing

  • There must be 10 feet of open space between the sides of adjacent RCVs and their attachments.
  • Minimum site size of 2,000 square for each RCV.
  • All RCVs must be located at least 25 feet from property lines which abut a public street or highway and at least 10 feet from all other property boundary lines.

Water Supply

  • The water supply system must meet all applicable MDH requirements for public water supplies (MN Rules Chapter 4720) and water wells (MN Rules Chapter 4725).
  • Water must be available within 400 feet of every campsite.
  • Minimum water riser pipe size is 3/4 inch; water riser andsewer riser must be constructed of approved materials and separated by at least 10 feet.
  • All plumbing must be installed in accordance with the .Minnesota Plumbing Code, Chapter 4715.

Sewage Disposal, Toilets and Shower Facilities

  • All sewage and waste water must be discharged into an approved municipal sewage system if one is available or an individual on site sewage treatment system that meets the requirements of the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency rules, Chapter 7080 and any applicable local codes.
  • Toilet and shower facilities must be provided in all campgrounds which harbor any RCV which is not equipped with toilet and bathing facilities,in accordance with the schedule in MN Rules Chapter 4630.0900.Toilet and shower facilities shall be adequately heated, ventilated and lighted and have durable, washable, floors, walls, and ceilings. Toilet facilities must be provided within 400 feet of any campsite.
  • Camping areas harboring RCVs with self contained waste water tanks must provide a sanitary dumping station in the ratio of 1 sanitary station for each 100 sites or fraction thereof. Sanitary stations must be adequately screened and located at least 50 feet from any campsite.
  • Properly constructed privies may be provided for toilet facilities provided that they are installed in accordance with local zoning requirements.

Garbage and Refuse, Insect and Rodent Control, other things

  • Adequate number of fly tight, watertight and rodent proof containers must be provided for all garbage and refuse. Garbage must be collectedfor disposal as often as necessary to prevent nuisance conditionsand not less than once each week.
  • RCAs must be maintained free of accumulations of debris or material which may provide rodent harborage or breeding places for insect pests. RCAs must be maintained free of growths of noxious weeds.
  • Domestic animals or pets must not be allowed to run at large or cause any nuisances within a RCA. Any kennels, pens or other facilities provided for animals must be maintained in a sanitary condition.
  • A maximum speed limit of 10 miles per hour must be clearly posted throughout the RCA.
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