Summary of General Requirements for Special Event Camping Areas: Manufactured Home Parks and Recreational Camping Areas - Minnesota Dept. of Health

Summary of General Requirements for Special Event Camping Areas

Subd. 4.Special event recreational camping areas.

Each special event camping area licensed under sections 327.10, 327.11, and 327.14 to 327.28 is subject to this section.

(1) Recreational camping vehicles and tents, including attachments, must be separated from each other and other structures by at least seven feet.

(2) A minimum area of 300 square feet per site must be provided and the total number of sites must not exceed one site for every 300 square feet of usable land area.

(3) Each site must abut or face a driveway or clear unoccupied space of at least 16 feet in width, which space must have unobstructed access to a public roadway.

(4) If no approved on-site water supply system is available, hauled water may be used, provided that persons using hauled water comply with Minnesota Rules, parts 4720.4000 to 4720.4600.

(5) Nonburied sewer lines may be permitted provided they are of approved materials, watertight, and properly maintained.

(6) If a sanitary dumping station is not provided on site, arrangements must be made with a licensed sewage pumper to service recreational camping vehicle holding tanks as needed.

(7) Toilet facilities must be provided consisting of toilets connected to an approved sewage disposal system, portable toilets, or approved, properly constructed privies.

(8) Toilets must be provided in the ratio of one toilet for each sex for each 150 sites.

(9) Toilets must be not more than 400 feet from any site.

(10) If a central building or buildings are provided with running water, then toilets and handwashing lavatories must be provided in the building or buildings that meet the requirements of this subdivision.

(11) Showers, if provided, must be provided in the ratio of one shower for each sex for each 250 sites. Showerheads must be provided, where running water is available, for each camping event exceeding two nights.

(12) Central toilet and shower buildings, if provided, must be constructed with adequate heating, ventilation, and lighting, and floors of impervious material sloped to drain. Walls must be of a washable material. Permanent facilities must meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

(13) An adequate number of durable, covered, watertight containers must be provided for all garbage and refuse. Garbage and refuse must be collected as often as necessary to prevent nuisance conditions.

(14) Campgrounds must be located in areas free of poison ivy or other noxious weeds considered detrimental to health. Sites must not be located in areas of tall grass or weeds and sites must be adequately drained.

(15) Campsites for recreational vehicles may not be located on inclines of greater than eight percent grade or one inch drop per linear foot.

(16) A responsible attendant or caretaker must be available on site at all times during the operation of any special event recreational camping area that has 50 or more sites.

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