Laws and Rules: Manufactured Home Parks and Recreational Camping Areas- Minnesota Dept. of Health

Manufactured Home Parks and Recreational Camping Areas
Laws and Rules

Camps and Manufactured Home Parks

Repealed within Chapter 4630
4630.0200 Location.
4630.0300 Caretaker.
4630.0400 Manufactured home and recreational camping vehicle spacing.
4630.0500 Domestic animals.
4630.0600 Water supply.
4630.0700 Plumbing.
4630.0800 Sewage disposal.
4630.0900 Toilet, bathing, and laundry facilities.
4630.1000 Barbecue pits, fireplaces, stoves, and incinerators.
4630.1100 Handling and disposal of garbage and refuse.
4630.1200 Insect and rodent harborage and infestation control.
4630.1300 Night lighting.
4630.1400 Community kitchen and dining rooms.
4630.1500 Bottled gas.
4630.1600 Fuel oil supply systems.
4630.1700 Fire protection.
4630.1801 Variance to rules relating to manufactured home parks and recreational camping areas.
4630.1900 Licensing; definitions.
4630.2000 Fee schedule for licenses.
4630.2100 Expiration dates for licenses.
4630.2200 License renewals.
4630.2210 Inspection frequency.
4630.2300 Camp site.
4630.2400 Buildings.
4630.2500 Sleeping quarters.
4630.2600 Kitchen.
4630.2700 Food procurement and storage.
4630.2800 Food service.
4630.2900 Food service personnel health and cleanliness.
4630.3000 Dishwashing facilities.
4630.3100 Water supply.
4630.3200 Bathing and hand-washing facilities.
4630.3300 Plumbing.
4630.3400 Toilet facilities.
4630.3500 Sewage and excreta disposal.
4630.3600 Liquid wastes.
4630.3700 Plan submission.
4630.3800 Garbage; refuse.
4630.3900 Swimming beach.
4630.4000 Designation of responsible persons by camper.
4630.4100 Practitioner to be designated.
4630.4200 Infirmary and first aid.
4630.4300 Physical examination.
4630.4400 Health records.
4630.4500 Hazardous weapons.
4630.4600 Livestock and pets.
4630.4700 Duty of camp operator.
4630.4750 Variance to rules relating to children's camps.

Hotels, Motels, Resorts, and Manufactured Homes
Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 327

Repealed within Chapter 327
327.10 Lodging establishment operator, duties.
327.11 Guest, registration.
327.12 Registration records, inspection.
327.13 Violation.
327.131 Fraud.
327.14 Definitions.
327.15 License for manufactured home park and recreational camping area.
327.16 Application.
327.20 Rules.
327.205 Shelter construction standards.
327.23 Construction of terms; municipal parks.
327.24 Enforcement.
327.25 Operation, part of year.
327.26 Local authority over parks and camping areas.
327.27 Regulatory provisions.
327.28 Unlawful parking of manufactured homes.
327.31 Definitions.
327.32 Code compliance.
327.33 Administration.
327.34 Penalties.
327.35 Violations; manufactured homes manufactured after June 14, 1976.
327.36 Application to local official controls.
327.61 Citation.
327.62 Definitions.
327.63 Applicability.
327.64 Notice of default; service and return.
327.65 Court order.
327.651 Voluntary Repossession
327.66 Cure of default.
327.665 Reinstatement
327.67 Filing of order.
327.70 Definitions.
327.71 Innkeeper liability for the personal property of guests.
327.72 Overstaying guests.
327.73 Undesirable guests; ejection of, and refusal to admit.
327.731 Liability; notice.
327.74 Setting fire to hotel belongings.
327.742 Smoking in designated nonsmoking rooms.
327.75 Fraud; proof of fraud.
327.76 Innkeeper's lien.

Chapter 327C
Manufactured Home Park Lot Rentals

327C.01 Definitions.
327C.02 Rental agreements.
327C.03 Fees.
327C.04 Utility charges.
327C.05 Rules.
327C.06 Rent increases.
327C.07 In park sales.
327C.08 Removal after repossession.
327C.09 Termination.
327C.095 Park closings.
327C.096 Notice of sale.
327C.10 Defenses to eviction.
327C.11 Eviction proceedings.
327C.12 Retaliatory conduct prohibited.
327C.13 Freedom of expression.
327C.14 Right of access.
327C.15 Remedies; penalties; enforcement.

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