X-ray Operator - EH: Minnesota Department of Health

Limited Scope X-ray Operator and
Bone Densitometry Equipment Operator Exams

Examination Applications

  1. Complete the registration application above.
  2. Include a $25.00 money order or cashier’s check payable to Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) and mail with the registration application. Your application will not be processed with a personal or business check. Fees are nonrefundable and nontransferable.
  3. MDH recommends typing or writing legibly on the registration application and sending it Certified Mail.
  4. MDH will review the registration application and send a letter by mail or email to the applicant regarding next steps and payment to ARRT.
  5. After receiving notification from MDH, the applicant will pay the ARRT fee of $150.00 by credit card, debit card, or gift card on their website at https://state.arrt.org/. ARRT does not accept money orders, cashier checks, personal checks, or business checks.

    Important Note: Please do not send in the ARRT fee to MDH as this will delay your application process. For questions, please read our Information Notice.

  6. ARRT will send applicants the exam handbook that explains the exam process. Applicants will have 90 days in which to take the exam. MDH strongly recommends scheduling an exam right away, as exam sites fill up quickly.

Guidance Documents



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