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Radioactive Materials

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission completed an agreement with the State of Minnesota to assume part of the agency’s regulatory authority over certain radioactive materials in the state. On March 31, 2006, Minnesota became the 34th state to sign such an agreement with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Under the agreement, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has transferred to Minnesota the responsibility for licensing, rulemaking, inspection and enforcement activities for: (1) radioactive materials produced as a result of processes related to the production or utilization of special nuclear material; (2) uranium and thorium source materials; and (3) special nuclear material in quantities not sufficient to form a critical mass.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission transferred approximately 170 licenses, most for medical and industrial uses of radioactive material, to Minnesota’s jurisdiction. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission retained jurisdiction over a number of activities identified in 10 CFR Part 150, including regulation of commercial nuclear power plants and federal agencies using certain nuclear material in the state. In addition, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission retained authority for the review, evaluation and approval of sealed sources and devices containing certain nuclear materials manufactured in Minnesota and distributed throughout the country.

Disused Source Collection and Disposal Opportunity

The Minnesota Department of Health has been notified that the Conference Radiation Control Program Directors (CRCPD) Source Collection and Threat Reduction Program (SCATR) has begun its 2020-21 disused and unwanted radioactive sealed source collection and disposal effort. CRCPD/SCATR provides cost-shared support for the packaging, transport, and disposal Class A, B, and C sources with access to a commercial disposal facility. Licensees in all 50 states and U.S. territories are potentially eligible for participation in the 2020-21 effort. A copy of the announcement containing information about the level of cost sharing accompanies this notice.

CRCPD/SCATR has indicated that cost-shared amounts will decrease going forward. The Minnesota Department of Health encourages all licensees who have eligible sealed sources that will not be used in the foreseeable future to take advantage of this opportunity to properly dispose of this material in a cost effective manner.

For further information see the 2020-21 SCATR announcement below.

CRCPD/SCATR Program (Source Collection and Threat Reduction)

End of Modifying Radioactive Materials Licensee Requirements

The COVID-19 peacetime emergency ends on July 1, 2021. All radioactive materials licensees affected by Minnesota Rules, Chapter 4731 existing COVID-19 waiver or modification under Minnesota Session Laws - 2020, Regular Session, chapter 74, article 1, section 13, must return to normal statute and rule compliance on August 30, 2021. Individuals, facilities, and other entities are strongly encouraged to begin the necessary planning for this transition as soon as possible an should contact the Radioactive Materials Unit at with questions.

Affects Minnesota Rule Parts

4731.2360 subpart 1; 4731.4070 subpart 2, item A and subpart 4, item A; 4731.2200 subpart 2; 4731.4060 subpart 2, item A; 4731.4080 subpart 1; 4731.4140 subpart 3 and subpart 4, item A; 4731.2010 subpart 3; 4731.3075 subpart 5; 4731.4420 item B, subitems (2) and (3); 4731.4421 item A; 4731.4424 item B, subitem (2); 4731.4441 item A; 4731.4453 item A; 4731.4466 item E; 4731.4468 subpart 1; 4731.4470 subpart 1, item C; 4731.4471 subpart 1, item C; 4731.4477 subpart 1; 4731.8015 subpart 2, item B; 4731.8020 subpart 3; 4731.8055 subpart 3, item C; and 4731.8075 item A

Regulatory Relief Notices

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