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Public Use Files

In 2015, the Minnesota State Legislature directed MDH to annually prepare summary information from the Minnesota All Payer Claims Database (MN APCD) and make it publicly available, if possible, at little or no cost. To inform the process of developing the first set of summary files, or Public Use Files (PUFs), MDH consulted with a workgroup on technical issues, including:

  • How to ensure compliance with data privacy guard rails required in statute;
  • How to stratify the information in a way that would be most useful to researchers;
  • What iterative steps to take in the preparation of follow-up data files; and
  • What documentation to create to inform potential data users.

The first set of PUFs were prepared in March 2016 and are available upon request. MDH plans to update the PUFs annually.

Public Use File Webinar

This webinar offers a general overview of the PUFs, including how they were developed, how to request the files, and which files are available to request.

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