Vaccinating Health Care Workers

Vaccinating Health Care Workers

Health care workers: remember to protect yourself against influenza by being vaccinated. Your patients are counting on you not to infect them. First, do no harm.

Barriers and Recommended Strategies to Overcome Barriers

  • Provide free vaccine at the workplace
  • Offer vaccine on all shifts
  • Use a mobile cart to offer vaccine
  • Provide staff with a voucher for vaccination at a drugstore or clinic
  • Partner with a larger health care organization (e.g., hospital) to provide vaccinations
  • Work with pharmacy consultants to offer influenza vaccinations for facility staff
  • Work with visiting nurses associations or other community immunizers to provide vaccination on-site
  • Offer influenza vaccine at mandatory trainings, departmental conferences, and other meetings

Establish a culture of prevention in your organization with the following ideas

  • Offer opportunities to be vaccinated at multiple times and locations convenient to all workers on all shifts during the flu season
  • Educate and vaccinate staff as part of new employee orientations
  • Establish a process to determine and track proof of influenza vaccination each year for each employee
  • Establish a written influenza vaccination policy for employees, see Immunization Action Coalition Influenza Vaccination Honor Roll
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