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Layaway/Active Status Bed Plan Submittal Process

Background Information

Nursing home facilities moving beds from layaway back to active status must submit plans to MDH Engineering Services. Engineering Services will review the plans to verify beds are returning to a previously licensed configuration. In reviewing plans, staff Engineering Services will also determine whether returning beds to active status will result in two bedrooms sharing one toilet room–a situation best avoided [42 CFR 483.9(f)].


A complete Layaway/Active Status Bed Plan Submittal Package consists of the following five (5) components:

  1. A completed Construction Plan Submittal Form (PDF), even if no construction is planned as part of Layaway/Active Status Bed Plan.
  2. One paper copy of the facility floor plans showing:
    1. all current room numbers and number of beds
    2. space in which beds are to return (verify previously licensed configuration)
    3. that bed count on the plans is the same as bed count on the license
    4. that all required space (dining; dayroom; activity; bathing; toilet rooms; etc.) met required regulations at the time of construction.
  3. Licensed Bed Capacity Total [see: Licensed Bed Capacity Example (PDF)]
  4. One writable PDF copy of the floor plans.
  5. A check payable to the "Commissioner of Finance, Treasury Division" in the amount specified in the Plan Review Fee Schedule (PDF). We do not accept cash or credit cards. Fees are not refundable, per MN Statute 144.554. NOTE: If no construction, fee is $30

Engineering may need to perform an inspection of the facility to verify beds can be placed back into service. If floor plans (and possible inspection) meet healthcare facility requirements, Engineering Services will issue a clearance to MDH Licensing & Certification which will allow beds to move from layaway to active status. 

An incomplete Layaway/Active Bed Plan Submittal Package will result in a delay of the review and clearance process.

Mail the complete Layaway/Active Bed Plan Submittal Package to:

Minnesota Department of Health
Engineering Services Section
ATTN: Plan Review
P.O. Box 64900
Saint Paul, MN 55164-0900

Or send via courier to:

Minnesota Department of Health
Health Regulation Division
Engineering Services Section
85 7th Place East, Suite 220
Saint Paul, MN 55101

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