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Medical Home for Children and Youth with Special Health Needs

What is a medical home?

A medical home is where primary care providers and families work together to improve the health and quality of life for children and youth with special health needs and their families. A medical home is family-centered.

What can my child's health look like?

  • Your child's providers know you, your child and your family.
  • You and your child's providers work together in the best interest of your family.
  • You, your child, and your child's providers all bring skills and expertise to the table.
  • Everyone is treated with trust and respect.
  • Your child's providers are open and share all the information needed to make decisions that are right for your child.
  • You, your child, and your child's providers make decisions together.
  • You and your child's providers plan ahead for your child's health care needs.
  • Your child's providers help with life transitions.
  • Your child's providers connect you to helpful resources and community organizations.

How can I get a medical home for my child?

  • Interview potential new primary care providers.
  • Choose a primary care provider who will: provide well and sick care, help coordinate your child's chronic care needs, and see you as a partner in decisions about your child's care.
  • Be an active partner in your child's care. Write down questions, concerns, and observations about your child to share with all health care providers.
  • Think about your family's goals for your child and talk about these goals with providers so they can help guide the care.
  • Ask the provider to help develop a care plan for your child. A care plan is a great tool that can help you and all your child's health care providers, school staff, and others understand your child's needs and communicate better.

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