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Docket and MIIC Immunization Records

Easily access your or your family's immunization records through the Docket app. Docket gives Minnesotans with a MIIC record a digital option to securely access their immunization history in MIIC. Using Docket is optional. For other ways to access your MIIC immunization record, visit Find My Immunization Record. With Docket, users can:

  • See their immunization history from MIIC.
  • Check what vaccines they or their family may be due for.
  • See what vaccines they may need in the future.
  • Share immunization records for health, school, travel, and other purposes.

For answers to commonly asked questions, please visit Docket FAQs (PDF).

Why can't I find/access my or my family's MIIC records in Docket?

If you are not able to access your or your family's immunization records through the Docket app, it may be because of outdated information in MIIC (spelling, other names, old records, missing phone number or email, etc.), multiple MIIC records or no MIIC record exists for the information you entered.

Docket searches MIIC using your or your family's basic information. Your or your family member's first name, last name, date of birth, and legal sex must match your MIIC record exactly. In addition, your or your family member's MIIC record must also contain a valid phone number in order to verify your identity within the Docket app.

Complete a MIIC Record Update Request. MDH staff will review the form and update the contact information in the MIIC immunization record. If staff are unable to find a MIIC record, they will contact you. Requests will be processed in the order they are received.

After your MIIC record is updated, delete your existing immunization search history tries. Then retry your search in Docket by selecting the plus (+) sign on the "Immunization Search History" screen. If this still does not work, contact Docket.

Why is my vaccination missing from my MIIC record in Docket?

For information on how to refresh your record, please review the Docket tip sheets.

Still missing vaccinations? Please visit MIIC Record: Frequently Asked Questions for how to request adding immunization information to your MIIC record.

Docket contact information and resources

If you have questions about the Docket app (e.g., downloading, finding it in the app store, logging in, etc.) please reach out to Docket or on Twitter @dockethealthapp. Docket also has an Immunization FAQ document at the bottom of their webpage.

You may also need to reach out to your mobile phone provider for technical assistance.

Docket tip sheets (external links)

Links to Docket's tip sheets are also available in the App.

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