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MIIC Immunization Record: Frequently Asked Questions

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Most providers send MIIC information within 24 hours. We recommend asking your provider when they will send your information to MIIC. Please allow at least one week for your provider to send information to MIIC. Immunizations sent to the MIIC team to update will be entered within one week.

  • Only authorized users can submit and access data in MIIC. For more information please visit, MIIC Data Privacy.
  • Full medical records are not stored in MIIC and MIIC staff cannot retrieve that documentation for you. More information can be found on at Medical Records Information.

To request a change to your MIIC record, please complete a MIIC Immunization Record Update Request. MDH staff will review the form and update the contact information in the MIIC immunization record. If staff are unable to find a MIIC record, they will contact you. Requests will be processed in the order they are received.

  • MIIC was created in 2002. Many adults do not have their childhood vaccine records in MIIC because of this.
  • If you have lived in another state besides Minnesota before 2002, that information may not be available in MIIC. Immunization information is not automatically transferred from one state to another when you move. Please refer to CDC: Contacts for IIS Immunization Records to locate immunization records from other states.
  • Please see How long does it take MIIC to update and show my immunizations? for how long to wait for your provider to send immunizations to MIIC
  • Note: MIIC covers all ages but is more likely to contain complete immunization records for children than adults. Also, although most health care facilities submit immunization information to MIIC, not all facilities do.

If your MIIC record is missing immunizations that you received and you have the information, you can send acceptable proof of vaccination to MDH. For ways to send your record to us, please see How to send proof of vaccination? Please allow one week for your provider to send information to MIIC before requesting updates to your MIIC record.

  • An official paper or electronic document from the organization who gave the vaccine. This can include documentation from a clinical application such as MyChart or similar as well as handwritten records from organizations who do not print typed records.
  • An official CDC COVID-19 vaccination card.
  • An individual's U.S. Department of State's Vaccination Documentation form DS-3025 that includes an individual's verified past immunizations.
  • An official International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis (yellow card).
  • If you received immunization in another state, you can find contact information for that state's Immunization Information System (IIS) at CDC: Contacts for IIS Immunization Records.
  • The Minnesota Department of Health cannot accept QR codes as proof of vaccination.

The document should include vaccination date (month, day, and year); vaccine type or product; and the individual's name and date of birth. You can send your acceptable proof of vaccination by either email, fax, or mail.

We do not collect social security numbers. Requesters should not provide this information. Find more on data privacy and how immunization records get into MIIC at Data Privacy and MIIC Records.

Note: If you choose to send it by email, we recommend sending it by an encrypted email to protect your private health information.

Email: health.immrecords@state.mn.us

Fax: 1-877-771-6182 (ATTN: MIIC Students)

Minnesota Department of Health
MIIC Operations
P.O. Box 64975
St. Paul, MN 55164-0975

Adding Immunizations to Your MIIC Record (PDF)
The information above as a handout for print.

Because many adults do not have their childhood records in MIIC, the pdf copy of your MIIC record and/or your MIIC record in Docket may indicate that you are overdue for a dose of Tdap, MMR, Hepatitis B, Varicella (chickenpox), or Hepatitis A vaccine when you are not.

Please note:

  • Tdap is the vaccine that protects against tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis in adolescents and adults. DTaP is the version for children.
  • If people don't receive the full DTaP series of vaccines in childhood, a multi-shot series of Tdap is recommended.
  • Therefore, Docket may recommend a multi-shot series of Tdap if there is no, or incomplete, childhood DTaP series on record that may be different from the adult Tdap recommendation.

For clinical advice on which immunizations you should or shouldn't get, you should talk to a health care provider.

  • Facilities where immunizations were given, such as your primary care clinic, neighborhood clinics, and local public health departments, may have immunization records.
  • Family records, such as baby books, may have immunization information.
  • Schools and/or child care providers, which must verify immunizations of enrollees, may be able to look up records.
  • Military records may be a source of immunization information for those who have served in the military.
  • Other state immunization information systems (IIS); there is no national IIS. If you or your child received immunizations in other states, refer to a list of state and local registries at CDC: Contacts for Immunization Records.

Note: Finding an adult's complete immunization history is often difficult. Organizations maintain records for a limited period of time. If the organization does not send the immunization information to MIIC during that time we may not have record of it.

If your provider searched MIIC for your record and could not find one, or the record is missing immunizations, it is unlikely that we will be able to find additional information.

If you have gone through the green card/I-693 process, please also reach out directly to the civil surgeon.

If you arrived into a state other than Minnesota, please contact your provider from that state and/or your state's IIS contact, which you can find at CDC: Contacts for Immunization Records.

If you are not able to find previous immunization records, you may want to contact your current health care provider for additional recommendations, including re-immunization.

If you entered the US and moved directly to Minnesota, your immunization record may be in MIIC. Please complete a MIIC Immunization Record Request to receive a copy of your record. If you entered the U.S. as a refugee and did not move directly to Minnesota, your primary state’s immunization information system may have your immunization records. Please refer to CDC: Contacts for Immunization Records. If you would like to add missing immunization to your MIIC record, please see How do I send proof of vaccination for updating my MIIC record?

For any other questions regarding MIIC Immunization Records, please email health.immrecords@state.mn.us.

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