Infant Mortality Awareness

Infant Mortality Awareness

Governor Mark Dayton proclaimed the week of September 23-29, 2018 as: Infant Mortality Awareness Week.


Infant Mortality Awareness Week Proclamation (PDF)


WHEREAS: The State of Minnesota is committed to ensuring conditions that create optimal health and well-being for all children and their families; and

WHEREAS: All babies born in Minnesota deserve a healthy start, and opportunities to survive, thrive, and develop to their fullest potential; and

WHEREAS: The infant mortality rate - the number of infant deaths per 1,000 babies born alive - is an important measure of the health and well-being of a population, and on average, between 350 and 380 Minnesota infants die every year - enough children to fill almost sixteen kindergarten classrooms each fall; and

WHEREAS: Minnesota's overall infant mortality rate is lower than the national average, but continued disparities are evident, persistent, and troubling; and

WHEREAS: Infants born to African American and American Indian mothers have historically died at more than two times the rate of infants born to White mothers; and

WHEREAS: Maternal health before, during, and after pregnancy is critical for infant health and survival. Infant mortality is a complex societal problem that requires a response from many sectors and disciplines; and

WHEREAS: Infant Mortality Week provides an opportunity for individuals, organizations, government entities, health care facilities, community groups, and coalitions to promote awareness about infant mortality; and

WHEREAS: The death of any infant before reaching his or her first birthday is one too many.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, MARK DAYTON, Governor of Minnesota, do hereby proclaim the week of September 23-29, 2018 as:

Infant Mortality Awareness Week

In the State of Minnesota.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the Great Seal of the State of Minnesota to be affixed at the State Capitol this 17th day of September.

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