Public Health and Pregnancy and Postpartum Mental Health

Public Health and Pregnancy and Postpartum Mental Health

For a general discussion of public health and mental health, please visit Mental Health Promotion.

As public health continues to support positive health outcomes for mothers and babies, it has become clear that there is a role for public health in prevention, screening, and supporting mothers struggling with mental health concerns.

Prevention and Promotion

The My Maternal Wellbeing Plan tool was created to help guide a conversation with a pregnant or postpartum mom about skills to maintain mental wellbeing.


Public Health programs which interact with pregnant or postpartum moms should consider how to implement universal mental health screening efforts.

When a mother is struggling with mental health concerns, her child(ren) may be negatively affected. If possible, follow a positive screen for a mom with an increase of social-emotional screening for the child(ren).


Many moms struggling with pregnancy or postpartum depression and anxiety will need to be treated medically, through therapy and possibly medication. All struggling moms may benefit from generally supportive public health programs like Family Home Visiting.

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