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State Fair Eco Experience

2019 Eco Experience Drinking Water Protection Exhibit

A group of EH staff worked with students and professors from Dunwoody College of Technology to design and build a new component for our drinking water exhibit at the Eco Experience Building at the State Fair. New to the exhibit in 2019 was a giant faucet and water glass to encourage people to recognize what a great deal public tap water is. The exhibit also includes information about the low cost of regularly testing well water. This year’s component engaged visitors by having them post a picture of themselves on social media next to the giant structures using the hashtag #mnwater. This addition complements the contaminant toss game and the educational and interactive pillars we created with Dunwoody in 2018. These pillars explain how drinking water affects health, where drinking water comes from, and how to protect it.

We will be continuing our partnership with Dunwoody each year for the next three years. The partnership between Dunwoody College and MDH has provided an opportunity for students to learn new skills and build their resumes, as well as to spread knowledge about EH programs and topics to the Dunwoody College community. EH had over 55 staff volunteer at the Eco Experience Building this year.

Strategic Plan Progress Update - Minnesota Climate and Health Program

The Minnesota Climate and Health Program facilitates an agency-wide Climate and Health Workgroup at the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH). Staff from across the agency participate on the workgroup to ensure their programs are prepared for and responding to climate changes in Minnesota.

The Workgroup is at a midway point with implementing their five-year Strategic Plan and recently released a progress report to share successes and next steps. By the end of 2018, MDH staff completed 11 activities and indicated another 18 as in progress. Twenty-seven other activities occur on an ongoing basis (e.g., surveillance, routine training, and response). Check out the Minnesota Climate and Health Strategic Plan Progress Report (PDF) to learn more.

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