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Please send separate payments for lead and asbestos fees.
MDH cannot process payments that combine fees for lead and asbestos.
MDH will return applications submitted with payments that combine fees for asbestos and lead.

Application Forms

Notification Forms

  • Asbestos Training Course Notification (PDF)
    Training course providers must notify MDH 14 calendar days before the course begins with this form.
  • Notification of Asbestos-related Work (PDF)
    Use this form to notify MDH of regulated asbestos work at least calendar five days before the project begins. Use this form for initial notifications, amendments, and cancellations. If amending a notification, check "Amended" at the top of the form, change the necessary information, and then circle or highlight the new information so MDH can readily identify it.
  • Asbestos Air Monitoring Notification (PDF)
    Asbestos contractors performing only air monitoring for a project must complete and submit this form to MDH.


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