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Constructing a New Water-Supply Well in Minnesota
Well Management Program

In Minnesota, all wells must be installed by contractors licensed by the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH), except that an individual may construct a well for personal use on land owned or leased by that individual, and used by the individual for farming or agricultural purposes or for the individual’s place of abode. In all cases, the well must be constructed according to the requirements of Minnesota Statutes, chapter 103I, and Minnesota Rules, chapter 4725.

Well Notification and Fee

Prior to the start of drilling a water-supply well, the Contractor or well owner must submit a “notification” form, with the appropriate fee, to MDH. The "notification" form is available from a licensed well contractor or MDH. The notification form includes basic information about the well owner, property address, and the licensed contractor hired to construct the well.

Once the notification and fee has been received by MDH, work may start on the well. Once construction is complete, the well contractor must provide a copy of the “Well and Boring Record” to the well owner and to MDH, which documents construction details of the well, such as well depth, depth to groundwater, geology, well components, and pump information. The well contractor must also have a water sample tested for bacteria, nitrate, and arsenic by an MDH certified laboratory, and send the results to the well owner. MDH recommends that the well owner keep these records with other important property documents.

Individuals who personally construct wells on their own property for their personal use can obtain the notification form, blank Well and Boring Record, water sample bottle, and well label by contacting MDH Well Management Section at 651-201-4600 or at 800-383-9808.

The procedures for drive-point wells (“sand points”) that are installed by a property owner are somewhat different. Notification forms can be obtained from the retailer selling the drive point or from MDH Well Management Section. No fee is required. Once the drive-point notification is received by MDH, MDH will then send a blank Well and Boring Record, water sample bottle, and well label to the well owner.

Well Contractors

For a directory of well contractors visit MDH Well Management Section Licensed Well and Boring Contractor Directory.

Note: For some other types of wells or borings, such as monitoring wells or bored geothermal heat exchangers, construction permits are required. Permit applications must be submitted to MDH for review and written approval prior to start of work. Please contact your nearest MDH office for details.

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