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Get started: Advancing health equity

As Human Impact Partners says: For us, there is no one correct place to start and there are no "experts" on how to build power, end racism, or advance equity within health departments. We are all experimenting and learning. We'll offer these tips as concrete actions you can take based on ours and others' experiences advancing equity.

I want to get started doing health equity, but I'm not sure how.

Here are some questions to help you find a place to start. If you would like to talk through these questions with someone from MDH, please email the MDH Center for Public Health Practice, and a staff member will reply to your email.

How well do people in your organization understand health equity?

Consider watching a video and facilitating a discussion at an upcoming staff meeting, or conducting other activities to increase staff knowledge and skills.

Would it be helpful to review your organization's activities?

The Health Equity Resource Library has tools to help you assess your organization's operations and identify opportunities to strengthen programs, policies, and procedures.

Do you have the community relationships you need to advance health equity?

Addressing equity requires us to partner differently with organizations and leaders in our communities. To find opportunities to authentically engage with others, consider a community engagement assessment. You might also connect with someone in the MDH Community Engagement Unit for consultation and technical assistance.

What are your organization's current priorities?

Often, the best place to start is by incorporating health equity practices into something you already do. For example: Is your organization currently working on a community health assessment or strategic plan? Review some case studies for ideas.

Still not sure?

For more specific ideas, visit Health equity resources by goal (I want to...) or email the MDH Center for Public Health Practice, and a a staff member will reply to your email.