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Reimbursement rates are based on Medicare reimbursement and are subject to adjustment as Medicare adjusts rates. If you'd like more information, please contact the Sage Program Billing Line at 651-201-5630.

Sage Screening Program Reimbursement Rates (PDF)

Connecting with Sage -- and Getting Paid

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Clearinghouse Information

The Sage Programs at the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) work with the Utah Health Information Network (UHIN) clearinghouse for receiving Claims (837s) and sending Electronic Remittance Advices (835s).
If you do not currently use a clearinghouse, you may enroll with UHIN by contacting for more information.
If you have a clearinghouse, please have them contact UHIN Customer Service at phone 1-877-693-3071 or email to connect with Sage.  They need to reference the following UHIN Payer ID and TPN:
UHIN TPN: HT007999-001
For questions, please contact Sage Billing at 651-201-5630

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