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Sage Screening Resources for Providers & Professionals

Sage logoThe Sage Screening Program is a partnership between public health and the private healthcare system throughout the state of Minnesota. This partnership removes the barrier of cost so those eligible for Sage can receive quality breast, cervical and colorectal cancer screening, free of charge.

Becoming a Sage provider

Most providers are eligible to offer Sage screening for breast and cervical cancer.

If your clinic would like to offer Sage breast and cervical cancer screening, contact a Sage Screening Regional Coordinator at 651-201-5600 to learn how.

Sage Scopes, the colorectal cancer screening program, is only open to a small group of providers selected by MDH.

Offering Sage screening for breast and cervical cancer

The Sage Program Provider Manual contains the breast and cervical cancer screening policies and procedures you will need to guide your practice. The Manual is currently being updated, if you'd like a copy, please contact a Sage Screening Regional Coordinator at 651-201-5600.

Reimbursement rates for Sage Screening programs

Reimbursement rates are based on Medicare reimbursement and are subject to adjustment as Medicare adjusts rates. If you'd like more information, please contact the Sage Program Billing Line at 651-201-5630.

Sage Screening Program Reimbursement Rates (PDF)

Patient eligibility for Sage Screening programs

Sage screenings are FREE for Minnesota residents who meet the eligibility requirements. Learn more about Covered Services & Eligibility.

Sage maintains a call center, staffed by multi-lingual patient navigators, who answer calls Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Patient Navigators assist callers in determining program eligibility, identifying and addressing barriers to screening, scheduling appointments and providing referrals to appropriate resources. Call 1-888-643-2584.

Minnesota’s Breast and Cervical Cancer Treatment Program

Medical Assistance for Breast or Cervical Cancer (MA-BC) provides Medical Assistance coverage to uninsured Minnesota women enrolled in the Sage Screening Program who are in need of treatment services for a breast or cervical cancer or pre-cancer of the cervix. The woman must have been screened and diagnosed through Sage, be under age 65, and have no medical insurance. 

Download this training - Medical Assistance for Breast and Cervical Cancer (PPT) to learn more about:

  • Eligibility criteria
  • Administration
  • Required forms
  • Presumptive eligibility and qualified providers

For more information contact a Sage Regional Coordinator at 651-201-5600, or reach out to your MABC County Contact (PDF).

For Sage providers

NEW Clearinghouse Information
Effective August 1, 2018, The Sage Programs at the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) would like to introduce you to our new clearinghouse, Utah Health Information Network (UHIN).
UHIN will be the Sage Programs EDI clearinghouse for receiving your Electronic Remittance Advices (835s) and Claims (837s). UHIN replaces HeW/Availity as your single-point of entry to submit claims.

Action Required by Providers Please have your clearinghouse contact UHIN. In order to avoid interruptions in claims routing, your clearinghouse will need to work with UHIN’s team. Have them contact UHIN Customer Service by phone 877-693-3071 or email as soon as possible. Have them reference the following UHIN Payer ID and TPN:
UHIN TPN: HT007999-001

You will continue to send your 835/837 claims to your existing clearinghouse. If you do not currently use a clearinghouse, you may enroll with UHIN. Contact for more information.
*UHIN is working closely with The Sage Programs and HeW/Availity to implement the needed EDI Connections for 837 Claims and 835 ERAs. Please contact Sage Billing at 651-201-5630, if you have any questions. Thank You for your attention and cooperation.

Ordering forms and supplies

To order Sage forms and supplies free of charge complete the Sage Clinical Forms and Supplies Order Forms

Ordering outreach and educational material

To order Sage outreach and educational materials complete the Sage Outreach/Educational Materials Order Form.

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