Radioactive Materials: Security Checklists - EH: Minnesota Department of Health

Security Checklists

The Minnesota Department of Health has adopted rule changes for the enhanced physical security of radioactive materials effective August 17, 2015. These requirements are found in Minnesota Chapter 4731.8000 - 4731.8140 and replace the Increased Controls orders issued by the Commissioner of Health.

To assist licensees in complying with the new rules, the Minnesota Department of Health has developed a series of four checklists. Each checklist focuses on a specific area of the new requirements. While the checklists do not cover all of the regulations they address the primary components. Use the attached checklists to ensure your security program requirements are compliant with Minnesota Chapter 4731.8000 - 4731.8140.

Chapter 4731.8000 - 4731.8140 Compliance Checklists

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