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Laws and Rules

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Minnesota Rules, Chapter 4731

4731.0100 Definitions.
4731.0200 General applications.
4731.0210 Records.
4731.0230 Request for written statements.
4731.0240 Data privacy.
4731.0250 Inspections and testing.
4731.0260 Violations, enforcement, and penalties.
4731.0270 Modification and revocation of licenses.
4731.0280 Deliberate misconduct.
4731.0290 Employee protection.
4731.0300 Federal jurisdiction exclusion.
4731.0315 Critical mass.
4731.0355 Reciprocity.
4731.0400 Scope; enforcement notice.
4731.0401 Requirement for license.
4731.0402 Transportation of licensed material.
4731.0403 Exemptions.
4731.0406 General license; NRC-approved package.
4731.0407 Previously approved packages.
4731.0409 General license; foreign-approved package.
4731.0410 General license; fissile material, limited quantity per package.
4731.0411 General license; fissile material, limited moderator per package.
4731.0412 External radiation standards for all packages.
4731.0413 Assumptions as to unknown properties.
4731.0414 Preliminary determinations.
4731.0415 Routine determinations.
4731.0416 Air transport of plutonium.
4731.0417 Opening instructions.
4731.0418 Reports.
4731.0419 Advance notification of shipment of irradiated reactor fuel and nuclear waste.
4731.0420 Quality assurance requirements.
4731.0421 Quality assurance organization.
4731.0422 A1 and a2 values for radionuclides.
4731.0423 Determination of a1 and a2.
4731.0424 Activity-mass relationships for uranium.
4731.0455 Quality assurance for transportation packages.
4731.0525 Domestic licensing of special nuclear material.
4731.0530 License requirement; special nuclear material.
4731.0535 Exemption; certain federal contracts.
4731.0540 Exemption; carriers.
4731.0550 Types of licenses.
4731.0555 General license; calibration or reference sources.
4731.0560 General license; owning special nuclear material.
4731.0565 Application; filing.
4731.0570 Application; contents.
4731.0575 Application approval requirements.
4731.0580 Application; financial assurance and record keeping for decommissioning.
4731.0585 Issuance of licenses.
4731.0590 License conditions.
4731.0595 License renewal and amendment.
4731.0597 Inalienability of licenses.
4731.0600 License expiration and termination; decommissioning.
4731.0605 Specific license; manufacture or initial transfer of calibration or reference sources.
4731.0610 Authorized use of special nuclear material.
4731.0615 Transfer of special nuclear material.
4731.0620 Reporting requirements.
4731.0625 Record transfer requirements.
4731.0630 Inspections and tests.
4731.0700 Purpose and scope.
4731.0705 Inactive tailings sites.
4731.0710 License requirement.
4731.0715 Exemption; use of source material under certain federal contracts.
4731.0720 Exemption; carriers.
4731.0725 Exemption; unimportant quantities of source material.
4731.0730 Other exemptions.
4731.0735 Types of licenses.
4731.0740 General license; title to source or radioactive material.
4731.0745 General license; small quantities of source material.
4731.0750 General license; use of certain industrial products or devices.
4731.0760 Specific license; application.
4731.0765 Specific license; approval.
4731.0770 Specific license; certain industrial products and devices.
4731.0780 Financial assurance and record keeping for decommissioning.
4731.0785 License conditions.
4731.0790 License expiration and termination; decommissioning.
4731.0795 License renewal and amendment.
4731.0810 Inalienability of licenses.
4731.0815 Transfer of radioactive material.
4731.0820 Reporting requirements.
4731.0825 Records.
4731.0830 Inspections and tests.
4731.0840 Modification and revocation of licenses.
4731.1000 Scope; notices, instructions, reports.
4731.1010 Posting worker notices.
4731.1020 Worker instructions.
4731.1030 Exposure notifications and reports.
4731.1040 Inspections; presence of representatives.
4731.1050 Inspections; consultation with workers.
4731.1060 Inspections; requests by workers.
4731.1070 Inspection not warranted; informal review.
4731.1080 Variances.
4731.1090 Discrimination prohibited.
4731.2000 General provisions.
4731.2010 Radiation protection programs.
4731.2020 Occupational dose limits for adults.
4731.2030 Summation of external and internal doses.
4731.2040 Determination of external dose; airborne radioactive material.
4731.2050 Determination of internal exposure.
4731.2060 Planned special exposures.
4731.2070 Occupational dose limits for minors.
4731.2080 Dose equivalent to embryo/fetus.
4731.2090 Radiation dose limits for the public.
4731.2095 Compliance; dose limits for the public.
4731.2100 Radiological criteria for license termination.
4731.2150 Minimization of contamination.
4731.2200 Surveys and monitoring.
4731.2210 Individual monitoring; external and internal occupational dose.
4731.2220 High radiation areas; control of access.
4731.2230 Very high radiation areas; control of access.
4731.2240 Controlling concentration of radioactive material in air.
4731.2260 Use of individual respiratory protection equipment.
4731.2270 Respiratory protection equipment restrictions.
4731.2280 Use of higher assigned protection factors.
4731.2290 Storage and control of licensed material.
4731.2300 Caution signs.
4731.2310 Posting requirements.
4731.2320 Exceptions to posting requirements.
4731.2330 Labeling containers.
4731.2340 Labeling requirements; exemptions.
4731.2350 Procedures for receiving and opening packages.
4731.2360 Leak test requirements.
4731.2400 Waste disposal.
4731.2405 Decay-in-storage.
4731.2410 Approval of proposed disposal procedures.
4731.2420 Disposal by release into sanitary sewerage.
4731.2430 Treatment or disposal by incineration.
4731.2440 Disposal of specific wastes.
4731.2450 Transfer for disposal; manifests.
4731.2460 Disposal of certain byproduct material.
4731.2500 Records; radiation protection programs.
4731.2510 Records; surveys.
4731.2520 Determination of prior occupational dose.
4731.2530 Records; planned special exposures.
4731.2540 Records; individual monitoring results.
4731.2550 Records; dose to individual members of the public.
4731.2560 Records; waste disposal.
4731.2600 Reports; theft or loss of licensed material.
4731.2610 Notification of incidents.
4731.2620 Reports; radiation exposures, levels, and concentrations exceeding constraints or limits.
4731.2630 Reports; planned special exposures.
4731.2640 Reports to individuals; dose limits exceeded.
4731.2650 Reports; individual monitoring.
4731.2700 Assigned protection factors for respirators.
4731.2705 Reports of transactions involving nationally tracked sources.
4731.2750 Annual limits on intake and derived air concentrations.
4731.2800 Quantities of licensed material requiring labeling.
4731.2820 Nationally tracked source threshold.
4731.2950 Low-level radioactive waste; transfer and disposal.
4731.3000 Applicability; domestic licensing of radioactive material
4731.3005 Activities requiring license.
4731.3010 Specific exemptions.
4731.3015 Exemption; use of radioactive material under certain federal contracts.
4731.3020 Exemption; carriers.
4731.3025 Exemption; certain concentrations.
4731.3030 Exemption; certain items containing radioactive material.
4731.3040 Exempt quantities.
4731.3045 Exemption; self-luminous products containing tritium, krypton-85, or promethium-147.
4731.3050 Exemption; gas and aerosol detectors containing radioactive material.
4731.3055 Exemption; radioactive drugs.
4731.3060 Types of licenses.
4731.3065 Specific licenses; application.
4731.3070 Specific licenses; approval.
4731.3075 Terms and conditions of licenses.
4731.3080 Financial assurance and record keeping for decommissioning.
4731.3085 License expiration and termination; decommissioning.
4731.3090 Renewal and amendment of licenses.
4731.3105 Transfer of radioactive material.
4731.3110 Reporting requirements.
4731.3115 Records.
4731.3120 Inspections and tests.
4731.3130 Modification and revocation of licenses.
4731.3135 Withholding or recall of radioactive material.
4731.3140 Exempt concentrations.
4731.3145 Exempt quantities.
4731.3150 Radioactive materials; emergency plan quantities.
4731.3155 Assuring decommissioning funds; parent company guarantees.
4731.3160 Quantities of licensed material requiring labeling for decommissioning.
4731.3165 Assuring decommissioning funds; self-guarantees; bond rating.
4731.3170 Assuring decommissioning funds; self-guarantee; no outstanding rated bonds.
4731.3175 Assuring decommissioning funds; nonprofit entities.
4731.3200 General domestic licenses for radioactive material.
4731.3210 General license; static elimination and ion-generating devices.
4731.3215 General license; detecting, measuring, gauging, controlling, and other devices.
4731.3220 General license; installation of generally licensed devices.
4731.3225 General license; luminous safety devices for aircraft.
4731.3230 General license; americium-241 and radium-226 calibration or reference sources.
4731.3235 General license; owning radioactive material.
4731.3240 General license; strontium-90 ice detection devices.
4731.3245 General license; in vitro clinical or laboratory testing use.
4731.3250 General license; certain items and self-luminous products containing radium-226.
4731.3300 Specific domestic licenses to manufacture or transfer certain items containing radioactive material.
4731.3315 Prohibition of introduction.
4731.3325 Organ doses.
4731.3330 Specific license; certain devices containing radioactive materials; manufacture or initial transfer.
4731.3345 Specific license; luminous safety devices; manufacture, assemble, repair, or initially transfer.
4731.3365 Specific license; calibration or reference sources; manufacture or initial transfer.
4731.3380 Specific license; ice detection devices; manufacture or initial transfer.
4731.3390 Specific license; material for in vitro clinical or laboratory testing; manufacture and distribution.
4731.3395 Specific license; radioactive drugs for medical use; manufacture, preparation, or transfer.
4731.3400 Specific license; sources or devices for medical use; manufacture and distribution.
4731.3405 Prototype tests; luminous safety devices for aircraft.
4731.3410 Prototype tests; calibration or reference sources containing americium-241 or radium-226.
4731.3415 Prototype tests; ice detection devices containing strontium-90.
4731.3420 Acceptance sampling procedures.
4731.3450 Serialization of nationally tracked sources.
4731.3500 Specific domestic licenses of broad scope for radioactive material.
4731.3520 Specific license of broad scope; application.
4731.3530 Type A specific license of broad scope.
4731.3540 Type B specific license of broad scope.
4731.3550 Type C specific license of broad scope.
4731.3560 Application for other specific licenses.
4731.3570 Specific licenses of broad scope; conditions.
4731.3580 Limits for broad scope licenses.
4731.4000 Licenses for industrial radiography and radiation safety requirements for industrial radiographic operations.
4731.4010 Specific license; application.
4731.4020 Specific license; industrial radiography.
4731.4030 Performance requirements; industrial radiography equipment.
4731.4040 Limits on external radiation levels.
4731.4050 Locking of radiographic exposure devices, storage containers, and source changers.
4731.4060 Radiation survey instruments.
4731.4070 Leak testing, replacement, and other modifications of sealed sources.
4731.4080 Quarterly inventory.
4731.4090 Equipment inspection and maintenance.
4731.4100 Permanent radiographic installations; entrance controls.
4731.4110 Labeling; packaging; security.
4731.4120 Industrial radiographic operations.
4731.4130 Radiation safety officer.
4731.4140 Radiographer training.
4731.4150 Operating and emergency procedures.
4731.4160 Supervision of radiographer's assistants.
4731.4170 Personnel monitoring.
4731.4180 Radiation surveys.
4731.4190 Surveillance.
4731.4200 Posting.
4731.4210 Records; specific license for industrial radiography.
4731.4220 Records; receipt and transfer of sealed sources.
4731.4240 Records; leak testing.
4731.4250 Records; quarterly inventory.
4731.4260 Utilization logs.
4731.4270 Records; inspection and maintenance.
4731.4290 Records; training and certification.
4731.4310 Records; personnel monitoring.
4731.4330 Location of documents and records.
4731.4350 Notifications.
4731.4360 Radiographer certification.
4731.4400 Applicability for the use of radioactive materials in the healing arts.
4731.4401 Protection of human research subjects.
4731.4402 Implementation.
4731.4403 Specific license; medical use of radioactive materials.
4731.4404 Other medical uses.
4731.4405 Radiation protection program.
4731.4407 Supervised individuals.
4731.4408 Written directives.
4731.4409 Procedures for administrations requiring written directive.
4731.4410 Suppliers of medical use sealed sources or devices.
4731.4411 Radiation safety officer training.
4731.4412 Authorized medical physicist training.
4731.4413 Authorized nuclear pharmacist training.
4731.4414 Training; experienced radiation safety officer, teletherapy or medical physicist, authorized user, and nuclear pharmacist.
4731.4415 Recentness of training.
4731.4420 Measuring activity of unsealed radioactive material; instruments required.
4731.4421 Calibration of survey instruments.
4731.4422 Determination of dosages; unsealed radioactive material.
4731.4423 Authorization for calibration, transmission, and reference use.
4731.4424 Possession of sealed sources and brachytherapy sources; requirements.
4731.4425 Labeling vials and syringes.
4731.4426 Surveys of ambient radiation exposure rate.
4731.4427 Release of individuals containing unsealed radioactive material or implants.
4731.4428 Mobile medical service.
4731.4429 Decay-in-storage.
4731.4430 Control of aerosols and gases.
4731.4432 Unsealed radioactive material; uptake, dilution, and excretion studies.
4731.4433 Uptake, dilution, and excretion studies; training.
4731.4434 Unsealed radioactive material; imaging and localization studies.
4731.4435 Permissible molybdenum-99, strontium-82, and strontium-85 concentration.
4731.4436 Imaging and localization studies; training.
4731.4440 Unsealed radioactive material; written directive required.
4731.4441 Safety instructions.
4731.4442 Safety precautions.
4731.4443 Unsealed radioactive material; written directive required; training.
4731.4444 Administration of sodium iodide; quantities less than or equal to 33 millicuries (1.22 GBq); training.
4731.4445 Administration of sodium iodide; quantities greater than 33 millicuries (1.22 GBq); training.
4731.4446 Parenteral administration of unsealed radioactive material; written directive required; training.
4731.4450 Use of brachytherapy sources.
4731.4451 Surveys after source implant and removal.
4731.4452 Brachytherapy sources accountability.
4731.4453 Brachytherapy; safety instructions.
4731.4454 Brachytherapy; safety precautions.
4731.4455 Brachytherapy; calibration measurements.
4731.4456 Decay of strontium-90 sources for ophthalmic treatments.
4731.4457 Therapy-related computer systems.
4731.4458 Manual brachytherapy training.
4731.4459 Ophthalmic use of strontium-90; training.
4731.4460 Use of sealed sources for diagnosis.
4731.4461 Sealed sources for diagnosis; training.
4731.4463 Use of a sealed source; remote afterloader unit, teletherapy unit, or gamma stereotactic radiosurgery unit.
4731.4464 Treatment with remote afterloader unit; surveys.
4731.4465 Installation, maintenance, adjustment, and repair requirements.
4731.4466 Remote afterloader units, teletherapy units, and gamma stereotactic radiosurgery units; safety procedures and instructions.
4731.4467 Remote afterloader units, teletherapy units, and gamma stereotactic radiosurgery units; safety precautions.
4731.4468 Dosimetry equipment.
4731.4469 Teletherapy units; full calibration.
4731.4470 Remote afterloader units; full calibration.
4731.4471 Gamma stereotactic radiosurgery units; full calibration.
4731.4472 Teletherapy units; periodic spot checks.
4731.4473 Remote afterloader units; periodic spot checks.
4731.4474 Gamma stereotactic radiosurgery units; periodic spot checks.
4731.4475 Mobile remote afterloader units; additional requirements.
4731.4476 Radiation surveys.
4731.4477 Teletherapy and gamma stereotactic radiosurgery units; five-year inspection.
4731.4478 Teletherapy and gamma stereotactic computer systems.
4731.4479 Remote afterloader units, teletherapy units, and gamma stereotactic radiosurgery units; training.
4731.4500 Radiation protection program records.
4731.4501 Written directive records.
4731.4502 Instrument calibration records.
4731.4503 Dosage records.
4731.4504 Leaks test and inventory records.
4731.4505 Survey records; ambient radiation exposure.
4731.4506 Release records; individuals containing radioactive material or implants.
4731.4507 Mobile medical service records.
4731.4509 Molybdenum-99 records, strontium-82, and strontium-85 concentration records.
4731.4510 Safety instruction records.
4731.4511 Survey records; source implant and removal.
4731.4512 Brachytherapy source accountability records.
4731.4513 Brachytherapy source calibration records.
4731.4514 Strontium-90 decay records.
4731.4515 Installation, maintenance, adjustment, and repair records.
4731.4516 Safety procedures records.
4731.4517 Dosimetry equipment records.
4731.4518 Calibration records; teletherapy, remote afterloader, and gamma stereotactic radiosurgery units.
4731.4519 Spot check records; teletherapy units.
4731.4520 Spot check records; remote afterloader units.
4731.4521 Spot check records; gamma stereotactic radiosurgery units.
4731.4522 Operability records; mobile remote afterloader units.
4731.4523 Survey records; therapeutic treatment units.
4731.4524 Inspection records; teletherapy and gamma stereotactic radiosurgery units.
4731.4525 Medical event; report and notification.
4731.4526 Dose to an embryo/fetus or child; report and notification.
4731.4527 Report of leaking source.
4731.4600 Definitions.
4731.4605 Minimum standards for nuclear medicine technologists.
4731.4610 Exceptions.
4731.4612 Training for individuals functioning as a nuclear medicine technologist before January 1, 2011, who are not accredited.
4731.4615 Documentation of competency.
4731.4620 Requirements for operators of fusion imaging devices.
4731.6000 Purpose and scope.
4731.6010 Specific license; application.
4731.6020 Specific license; approval.
4731.6030 Start of construction.
4731.6040 Applications for exemptions.
4731.6050 Performance criteria; sealed sources.
4731.6060 Access control.
4731.6070 Shielding.
4731.6080 Fire protection.
4731.6090 Radiation monitors.
4731.6100 Control of source movement; panoramic irradiators.
4731.6110 Irradiator pools.
4731.6120 Source rack protection.
4731.6130 Power failures.
4731.6140 Design requirements.
4731.6150 Construction monitoring and acceptance testing.
4731.6160 Training.
4731.6170 Operating and emergency procedures.
4731.6180 Personnel monitoring.
4731.6190 Radiation surveys.
4731.6200 Detection of leaking sources.
4731.6210 Inspection and maintenance.
4731.6220 Pool water purity.
4731.6230 Attendance during operation.
4731.6240 Entering and leaving the radiation room.
4731.6250 Irradiation of explosive or flammable materials.
4731.6260 Records and retention periods.
4731.6270 Reports.
4731.7000 Licenses and radiation safety requirements for well logging.
4731.7010 Application.
4731.7020 Specific license; well logging.
4731.7030 Agreement with well owner or operator.
4731.7040 Request for written statements.
4731.7050 Labels, security, and transportation precautions.
4731.7060 Radiation detection instruments.
4731.7070 Leak testing; sealed sources.
4731.7080 Physical inventory.
4731.7090 Records of material use.
4731.7100 Design and performance criteria for sources.
4731.7110 Inspection and maintenance; opening source or source holder.
4731.7120 Subsurface tracer studies.
4731.7130 Radioactive markers.
4731.7140 Uranium sinker bars.
4731.7150 Use without a surface casing.
4731.7160 Energy compensation source.
4731.7170 Tritium neutron generator target source.
4731.7200 Training.
4731.7210 Operating and emergency procedures.
4731.7220 Personnel monitoring.
4731.7230 Radiation surveys.
4731.7240 Radioactive contamination control.
4731.7250 Security.
4731.7260 Documents and records; field stations.
4731.7270 Documents and records; temporary job sites.
4731.7280 Notification of incidents and lost sources; abandonment procedures.
4731.8000 Physical protection of category 1 or category 2 quantities of radioactive material.
4731.8005 Exemption for waste.
4731.8010 Personnel access authorization requirements for category 1 or category 2 quantities of radioactive material.
4731.8015 Access authorization program requirements.
4731.8020 Background investigations.
4731.8025 Requirements for criminal history records checks of individuals granted unescorted access to category 1 or category 2 quantities of radioactive material.
4731.8030 Relief from fingerprinting, identification, and criminal history records checks and other elements of background investigations.
4731.8035 Protection of information.
4731.8040 Access authorization program review.
4731.8050 Security program.
4731.8055 General security program requirements.
4731.8060 Local Law Enforcement Agency (LLEA) coordination.
4731.8065 Security zones.
4731.8070 Monitoring, detection, and assessment.
4731.8075 Maintenance and testing.
4731.8080 Requirements for mobile devices.
4731.8085 Security program review.
4731.8090 Reporting of events.
4731.8100 Additional requirements for transfer of category 1 and category 2 quantities or radioactive materials.
4731.8105 Applicability of physical protection of category 1 and category 2 quantities of radioactive material during transit.
4731.8110 Preplanning and coordination of shipment of category 1 or category 2 quantities of radioactive material.
4731.8115 Advance notification of shipment of category 1 quantities of radioactive material.
4731.8120 Physical protection of category 1 or category 2 quantities of radioactive material during shipment.
4731.8125 Reporting of events.
4731.8130 Form of records.
4731.8135 Records retention.
4731.8140 Category 1 and category 2 radioactive materials.

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