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Following Up on Abnormal Results

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Following Up on Abnormal Results

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Sage Program Abnormal Follow-Up Information:

The Sage Program Follow-Up Coordinator tracks patients enrolled into the Sage Program that require additional follow-up/testing from an abnormal screening. Sage follow-up contacts will receive a Sage Program Abnormal Follow-Up Form for an abnormal screening test result. Follow-up forms are created by Sage and sent to our follow-up clinic contact at the site, the forms need to be completed with the clinical follow-up information. These forms can be completed and faxed to the Sage Follow-Up Coordinator at 1-877-495-7545.

If you are having issues getting a patient in for follow-up, you can connect with the Sage Program Follow-Up Coordinator to see if we can assist you in getting the patient in to complete the needed follow-up care.

Minnesota’s Breast and Cervical Cancer Treatment Program

Medical Assistance for Breast or Cervical Cancer (MA-BC) provides Medical Assistance coverage to uninsured Minnesota women enrolled in the Sage Screening Program who are in need of treatment services for a breast or cervical cancer or pre-cancer of the cervix. The woman must have been screened and diagnosed through Sage, be under age 65, and have no medical insurance. 

If you have a patient who is diagnosed with a breast cancer, cervical cancer or pre-cancer that requires treatment, please connect with the Sage Program Follow-Up Coordinator to see if the patient is eligible for MA-BC.

Download this training - Medical Assistance for Breast and Cervical Cancer (PPT) to learn more about:

  • Eligibility criteria
  • Administration
  • Required forms
  • Presumptive eligibility and qualified providers

For more information contact a Sage Regional Coordinator at 651-201-5600, or reach out to your MA-BC County Contact (PDF)

Sage Follow-Up Coordinator Contact

Nikki Kuechenmeister: nikki.kuechenmeister@state.mn.us. or 651-201-5904 

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