e-Health EHR Mandate

Minnesota Interoperable Electronic Health Record Requirements

Please note:
The 2019 Minnesota legislature enacted legislation to eliminate the electronic health record mandate (Minnesota Statute 62J.495, Subd. 1) that went into effect in June 2019. Content on this webpage will be updated as information and details are available.

Policymakers in Minnesota have recognized that more effective use of health information technology, including timely exchange of information, is needed to improve quality and safety of care as well as to help control costs. In 2007, Minnesota enacted legislation that required all health care providers in the state to implement an interoperable electronic health record (EHR) system by January 1, 2015 (Minn. Stat. §62J.495). The electronic health record mandate was eliminated in June of 2019.

The Minnesota e-Health Advisory Committee and MDH recommend that all providers demonstrate progress toward achieving the EHR and interoperability requirements. Potential benefits of compliance may include:

  • increased efficiency and quality outcomes;
  • improved ability to avoid adverse events; and
  • timely access to information from your patients’ other providers.

As health care providers make progress toward the safe, secure and interoperable exchange of health data, our Minnesota health care system will be better positioned to achieve the greater vision of health care reform.

MDH has several resources to help you implement an interoperable EHR:

  • Practical Guides:
    Electronic Prescribing (PDF)
  • Minnesota e-Health Fact Sheets and Guides include a variety of resources such as tools, webinars and reference documents to help providers plan and make the right choices for their agency to achieve success in today’s health care environment. The tools focus on e-health functionality, people, policy, and processes for success in a specific health care setting including local public health, social services, long-term and post-acute care, and behavioral health.

  • The Office of Rural Health and Primary Care at the Minnesota Department of Health occasionally administers grants or loan programs to support the implementation or support of interoperable EHR systems.

  • Associations – find out if your care setting has an association, often the association will have a health information technology (HIT) committee and/or may provide specific guidance on EHR adoption and use for that care setting.
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