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Fish and Seafood


  • Safe Fish-handling
    Excerpt from the Food Safety While Boating, Camping and Hiking fact sheet with information about safely processing and storing fish.

  • Fish Consumption Advice
    Most fish are healthy to eat and fish are an excellent source of low-fat protein. Eating fish may also reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes and other chronic illnesses. But any fish (store-bought or sport-caught) could contain contaminants such as mercury and PCBs that can harm human health.

  • Scombroid Fish Poisoning
    Scombroid fish poisoning, or histamine fish poisoning, is a syndrome resembling an allergic reaction that occurs after eating fish contaminated with high levels of histamine.

  • Safe Handling of Fish: Clemson
    Clemson Cooperative Extension's fact sheet about maintaining quality in your catch.


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