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Minnesota Death Search
1997 to Present

This is the lookup index of deaths in Minnesota since 1997, the year that electronic death registration started in the state. This index updates whenever a "fact of death" is filed in the vital records system. The fact of death identifies the deceased person, and the time and place of the death.

To verify a death, enter the first and last names of the decedent. Then, enter either the decedent's date of birth or the decedent's social security number (follow the formats shown below). If there is any difference between what you enter and what is on the legal death record, you will see "No record found." If the information you enter matches the index exactly, you will see the decedent's name, date of death and the state file number for that death record. Failing to find a record in the index does not necessarily mean that the death is not registered.


  • Enter the deceased's first name (Required).
  • Enter the deceased's last name (Required).
  • Enter the date of birth using mm/dd/yyyy as the format OR Enter the social security number without hyphens.



Death records
Date of death State file number

No matches found.

If you need a certificate for legal use, please see the Office of Vital Records Death Certificates webpage. The Noncertified Copies of Death Records webpage explains how to obtain a plain paper copy (not for legal purposes) death record.

Many 20th century deaths may be located through the Minnesota Historical Society Death Certificates Index.

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