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WIC Education Choice

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Check out Education Choice! With Education Choice, participants choose how they would like to receive nutrition education at follow up visits. Participants can choose from in-person, online or phone contacts.

Education Choice can benefit both participants and WIC staff

Benefits for Participants

  • Convenient: phone discussion & on-line learning is easy to access
  • Relevant: Millennials are comfortable learning on-line
  • Reduces Barriers to participation: addresses concerns with work schedule, transportation issues, lack of parking near clinic
  • Saves time: less travel time and less "waiting room" time
  • Individualizes the experience: The participant can select the learning method best for her

Benefits for WIC Staff/Programs

  • Variety: new opportunities to provide education
  • Less pressure in clinic: fewer people in your waiting area
  • New opportunities for scheduling: help manage caseload and staff schedules better
  • Improves participant satisfaction: may improve caseload retention and participation
  • Less rushed: Requires similar staff time, however you may feel less rushed when there are less people waiting to see you

Education Choice is not a "shortcut" for staff, nor should it diminish the quality of nutrition services. Rather, it expands opportunities to provide nutrition education, breastfeeding promotion and support.

Use the following resources to learn how to implement Education Choices in your agency. Contact your regional consultant if you have questions.


Education Choice for Participants
Provides an overview of Education Choice and how to implement it.

Checklist – Phone Education (PDF)
Outlines training, preparation and logistics of providing education over the phone.

Checklist – wichealth (PDF)
Outlines training, preparation and logistics of using wichealth for education.

Wichealth procedures (PDF)
Details how to implement wichealth in your agency.

Guidance in Scheduling (PDF)
Suggested procedures for scheduling phone and wichealth appointments in the HuBERT Scheduler. Describes how the MY MN WIC App functions.

Phone Counseling Tips

Guidelines for Phone Education (PDF)
Step-by-Step guide for providing education over the phone.

Phone Tips (PDF)
Quick tips for phone counseling.

Phone Counseling Observation (PDF)
Checklist supervisors may use to assess staff competencies/skills with phone counseling.

Appointment Menus

Appointment menu 8x11 (PDF)
WIC staff tool for presenting the 3 education choices to participants. Full sized menu.

Appointment menu flyer (PDF)
WIC staff tool for presenting the 3 education choices to participants. Flyer sized menu.

Wichealth and Phone Flyers

Nutrition Education on the Go, Staff Flyer (PDF)
Flyer for staff describing how to use wichealth.

Wichealth and Phone Flyers
Flyers for participants describing how to use Wichealth and phone reminders.

Email and Text tips and templates

Using email or texts with wichealth (PDF)
Details ways to use interactive emails or texts for follow-up to a wichealth lesson.

Email template for phone follow-up (PDF)
Email template to use after a phone contact to send reminders and additional materials/information.

Email template for wichealth (PDF)
Email template to verify completion of wichealth lesson and to set up follow-up contact.

SMS Gateway for wichealth lesson (PDF)
Details how to use SMS Gateway for sending and/or receive text messages.


TeleWIC Guide (PDF)
Provides guidance for providing teleWIC visits.

Video Visit Flyer - Customizable (WORD)
Flyer for participants describing how to connect to a Vidyo Visit, with customizable section for agencies to include contact information.

Additional wichealth.org Information

Wichealth.org Demonstration Webinar

Wichealth.org Demonstration Webinar Slides (PDF)

Wichealth.org Lessons for the Minnesota WIC Program (PDF)

Literature Review: The Use and Benefits of Wichealth.org (PDF)

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