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MN WIC Information System (HuBERT) supports WIC services at the State and Local level. Pre-defined and ad-hoc reports are a component of the system.

The Data Wheel above provides access to additional summary level information. Click on a topic in the data wheel to view available reports.

Health Equity is attainment of the highest level of health possible for all people. Minnesota WIC provides race and ethnicity data on several health measures to help identify inequities, develop strategies to address them, monitor progress and evaluate successes.

Reports based on participant locations (by Counties, CHBs and Cities of residence) are available, along with WIC Health Indicator Summaries by County, CHB and City.

WIC staff will find corresponding reports (by Grantees and Local Agencies) in Infoview. Other reports are available through HuBERT or Infoview. Click the Reference Documents and Infoview button to find information about how to access and use the pre-defined and ad-hoc reports.

WIC Local Agencies can request data information or assistance with reports using the Local Agency HuBERT Change Request Form on the WIC Tools page.

For more MN public health data please see the following, which have some WIC data integrated into their data:

  • Minnesota County Health Tables
    A compilation of public health data for Minnesota and its 87 counties. WIC data are found under the Morbidity section in 2011 and later. In 2010 and prior years, WIC data are found in Demographics.
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