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Fact Sheet
Minnesota Certified Food Protection Manager (CFPM)

The Minnesota certified food protection manager is a leader for the food establishment’s food safety team. The CFPM is recognized by the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) as meeting specific training requirements, and helps reduce the risk of foodborne illness by demonstrating safe food handling practices and sharing food safety knowledge with the food establishment’s employees.

This fact sheet provides information about the duties of the CFPM, how to obtain certification and CFPM requirements for food establishments as described in Minnesota Rules, parts 4626.0033.


The CFPM must have the knowledge, skills and abilities to complete the following duties:

  • Identify any hazards in the daily operation of the food establishment.
  • Develop and implement policies and procedures to prevent foodborne illness.
  • Coordinate employee food safety training to ensure at least one person in charge (PIC) is present whenever food is being prepared.
  • Direct food preparation activities and take corrective action as needed, to protect the health of the consumer.
  • Conduct periodic in-house self-inspections of daily operations to ensure that food safety policies and procedures are followed.

Required Training

Approved Initial Courses, Exams and Continuing Education are offered by many private companies, community and technical colleges, some local agencies and the University of Minnesota Extension. MDH does not offer training, but does approve instructors and courses.

Initial certification

If you have never been a Minnesota CFPM:

  1. Attend a training course and pass an approved exam.
  2. Mail initial application, exam certificate and $35 fee to MDH, PO Box 64495, St. Paul, MN 55164-0495.
  3. Apply for initial CFPM no more than 6 months after passing the exam.

Approved exams

Applicants for initial certification must provide proof they have passed an exam from an organization accredited by the ANSI-CFP Accreditation Program.

Certification renewal

Minnesota CFPM expires three years from the effective date printed on the MDH certificate. To renew certification:

  1. Complete four (4) or more hours of approved training between the effective date and the expiration date of your valid certificate.
  2. Mail renewal application, approved training certificate(s) and $35 fee to MDH, PO Box 64495, St. Paul, MN 55164-0495.
  3. Apply for renewal of your CFPM no more than 6 months after the expiration date of your valid certificate.

Application forms

Applications are available online:

  • Initial
  • Renewal
  • Duplicate

Frequently asked questions

Contact your inspector for more information about local ordinances and how the Minnesota food code applies to your establishment.

As the restaurant owner, do I have to be the CFPM?

No. While many restaurant owners decide to be the CFPM for their establishment, it is not required. An effective CFPM has a good working knowledge of your business and has the authority to conduct the CFPM duties in your establishment.

How many CFPMs are required for a food establishment?

Minnesota food code requires a food establishment to employ one CFPM. Local jurisdictions may have stricter requirements.

Are there exemptions from CFPM requirements?

Yes, certain food establishments—based on license type or food preparation activities—are exempt from Minnesota CFPM requirements. A list of exemptions to CFPM requirements is found in Minnesota Rules, part 4626.0033 and at CFPM Requirements for Food Establishments

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