A Strategic Framework for Addressing Asthma in Minnesota 2021-2030

Asthma in Minnesota: A Strategic Framework 2021-2030

Asthma in Minnesta: A Strategic Framework 2021-2030 was developed with input from the Minnesota Department of Health's (MDH) Asthma Advisory Committee and nearly 400 other stakeholders, is designed to guide all asthma stakeholders and partners to actions needed to take, in order to move quality care and control forward.

The health of Minnesotans with asthma can only be improved through collaborative action across private, public, and government sectors. Successful implementation of this plan will increase collection and analysis of asthma-related data, provide opportunities for equitable access to asthma education and care, and lead to development of policies to reduce environmental exposures.

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Asthma in Minnesota: A Strategic Framework 2021-2030 is intended to guide all individuals in Minnesota's vast network of asthma stakeholders, as identified in the graphic above, to actions they can take to reduce asthma episodes and the impact of asthma. The plan is designed to lead users to their specific areas of interest. Throughout this plan, users can find web links to asthma related resources with additional details and relevant data.

The framework aligns with and builds on goals set by the CDC's National Asthma Control Program and the set of six EXHALE strategies to help people breathe easier. Through collaborative partnerships across the State, we can improve the health and quality of life for people with asthma and their caregivers.

Read the Framework: Asthma in Minnesota: A Strategic Framework 2021-2030 (PDF)

screenshots of the front cover and pages inside the plan.

How to use this plan: Read it. Share it. Take Action.

Use the framework to:

  • Align with Action Steps
  • Build new relationships and expand existing partnerships
  • Educate and inform on the development of asthma programming
  • Identify and collect data to drive and support asthma programming and high quality medical care
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