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Asthma Home-Based Services Toolkit

These resources are for Minnesota local public health agencies (LPH) or other health-based organizations interested in developing a program to deliver asthma home-based services.  This toolkit provides resources and educational tools to support health care professionals providing the services.  This is not a comprehensive toolkit, but a starting point.  Feel free to utilize additional resources that will support your model program and meet the needs of your community and individuals with asthma.

Mentoring: Local Public Health Staff  

The Minnesota Department of Health’s Asthma Program has been connecting LPH agencies that have experience with providing asthma home-based services with other LPH agencies who are starting to build a program in their community.

Peer to Peer - Local Public Health staff mentoring includes:

  • Overview of components of a quality asthma home-based services model
  • Guidance on development and use of basic forms for data collection and client assessment
  • Instruction on environmental asthma trigger mitigation with tools and home assessment.
  • A possible ride-along to observe a scheduled public health visit with a client/family in their home.
  • How a Community Health Worker could be used to support asthma home-based services.

For more information about the mentoring program, contact the Minnesota Department of Health’s Asthma Program at or call 651-201-5909.  

Training: Asthma Triggers in the Home

This free 40-minute online training module Reducing Environmental Triggers of Asthma in the Home was developed for health care providers, public health nurses, and certified asthma educators (AE-C), to learn about environmental triggers found in the home. The training builds knowledge surrounding triggers of asthma for those who may already provide asthma home services or asthma education in their community.

Part 1: Home Assessment: Review of what an indoor asthma trigger is, how to identify these triggers, and steps to reduce or eliminate them. An example of how to complete a walk-through home assessment is included. 

Part 2: Resource Section: Printable information on topics discussed in the training video and tools to use when conducting a home assessment or providing asthma self-mangement education are provided.

This training has been effective across Minnesota and on a National level to train public health staff and other health care professionals in developing a greater knowledge of indoor and outdoor environmental triggers of asthma.

Additional online training:

Asthma Basics - This is a free, one-hour interactive online module designed to help people learn more about asthma. This course developed by the American Lung Association is ideal for frontline healthcare professionals like nurses or community health care workers, as well as individuals who have asthma. Asthma Basics also includes comprehensive resources like asthma medications, and demonstration videos and downloads. This course is available in English or Spanish.

Asthma - Motivational Interviewing Online Course - Saint Paul College - Certified Asthma Educators and other Health Care Professionals who complete the course will expand their knowledge of the Four Components of Asthma Motivational Interviewing:

  • Building Rapport
  • Questioning the Patient
  • Educating the Patient
  • Closing the Interview

Developed by Saint Paul College and the MDH Asthma Program, this one hour course offers ONE CEU. There is a $ 25.00 course fee - you can register and complete the course online at anytime.

Additional resources

Developing an Asthma Home-based Services program:

National resources:

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