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Athletes and Asthma: The Community Coach's Role

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As your team begins their pre-game warm up jog, you notice James is lagging behind the rest of his teammates. He looks like he may be having trouble breathing; he keeps touching his hand to his chest and pausing during the jog. What do you do? Not sure? Want to know more about asthma, how it affects kids playing sports and other activities, and how you can help your players control their asthma?

View the Athletes and Asthma: The Community Coach's Role course. The course is free, takes only 35-minutes and gives you the tools to know What to Do During An Asthma Attack.

Coaches who take the training course will learn:

  • Basic anatomy-physiology of asthma
  • Myths vs. facts about asthma
  • Symptoms of asthma or an asthma attack
  • The coach’s role in helping players control their asthma
  • Rescue vs. control asthma medications (inhalers)
  • How to prevent or treat asthma symptoms
  • How to identify triggers of asthma
  • What to do during an asthma attack
  • Suggestions for working with parents and players
  • A 10-question quiz to see what you learned and a certificate of completion you can print.

The course designed specifically for community coaches and developed with expertise by the MDH Asthma Program, provides information and resources for the community coach by incorporating animation, video and interactive scenarios. Based on its predecessor, The Coach's Asthma Clipboard Program, coaches learn how to help players of all ages (K-12) who have asthma, play to their full potential through scenarios that mimic the real-life decisions you might face during practices and competitive events.

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