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Privacy Policy

My Minnesota WIC App

MN WIC Program

Your privacy is very important to us. The My Minnesota WIC App collects basic information during the initial registration process to receive messages. The app does not store any personal information collected. By using the app, you are accepting the practices described in this privacy policy.

Information Collected

The Household ID and State WIC ID or WIC Card number are collected during the initial registration to receive messages. This information is stored in a database on secure servers and it is not shared with third parties. This information is shared with the State of Minnesota WIC Program to report app statistics. The app uses the camera to capture Universal Product Codes (UPCs) to verify if a scanned product is WIC approved. All the information retrieved from the servers is secured during transmission using HTTPS.

Phone Permission

Messages display the WIC clinic phone number. The app uses the Phone permission to automatically call the number when selected.

Location Permission

Used by Store Locator function to determine the closest WIC-approved stores.

Photos/Media/Files Permission

To scan the UPCs, the app uses the camera plugin which requires the Photos/Media/Files permission.

Network Connection Permission

To validate connectivity of the device, the app uses Network Connection permission to access the network.

Policy Modifications

This privacy policy may be changed without notice. Any changes will be posted at this location. We recommend checking this policy periodically so you are fully aware of any changes.

Questions or comments?

If you have questions or comments about the privacy policy for the My Minnesota WIC App, please contact the Minnesota State WIC Office.

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Updated Tuesday, 01-Oct-2019 14:06:40 CDT