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Consumer Confidence Reports

Water suppliers that serve the same people year-round must prepare annual water quality reports (Consumer Confidence Reports) for their customers. The first reports were due by October 1999, and now they will come out in July of each year. The reports tell where drinking water comes from, what's in it, and how you can help protect it.

Citizens who want a copy of their water system's annual report may request one from their local water utility or Search for your Consumer Confidence Report (CCR).

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) also provides information submitted from states for their source water, the levels of detected contaminants, and compliance with drinking water rules:

Public Water Suppliers

If you are a water operator, city clerk, or water superintendent, follow the unique link in the email sent by MDH at the beginning of April. This link allows you to access your draft Consumer Confidence Report.

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