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The Noncom Notes Newsletter

The Noncom Notes is the newsletter for Minnesota’s noncommunity public water systems – such as schools, churches, resorts, restaurants and other businesses that have their own water supply. The Noncom Notes includes valuable information targeted to assist the owners and operators of Minnesota’s noncommunity public water systems. It includes tips for water system operation, regulatory updates, operator training schedules, and feature stories on noncommunity public water systems.

The Noncom Notes

  • Noncom Notes/Fall 2019
    • Well Conversion
    • New Public Notice Requirement
    • Successful Video
    • Noncommunity Staff Changes
  • Noncom Notes/Spring-Summer 2019 (PDF)
    • “Safe Drinking Water Wherever You Go” Video
    • Reminder to Owners and Operators of Seasonal Systems
    • Lead and Copper Consumer Notice Requirement
    • Private to Public Well Conversion
    • Lead in Minnesota Water Report
    • Minnesota Rural Water Association Resources and Training Opportunities
    • FREE online course available
    • MDH Resources
    • Emails Request
    • References in this Issue
    • Contact Information
  • Noncom Notes/Winter 2019
    • Drinking Water Risk Communication Toolkit
    • 2019 Annual Monitoring Calendars for Nontransient Noncommunity Public Water Systems

The NonCom Scoop (Past Issues)

  • Spring-Summer 2017 (PDF)
    • Revised Total Coliform Rule – Important Reminders
    • Harmful Algal Blooms
    • Drinking Water by the Numbers 2016
  • Fall-Winter 2016 (PDF)
    • The Revised Total Coliform Rule is Now In Effect
    • New Coliform Sample Drop-off Site in International Falls
    • About Plan Review for Noncommunity Systems
    • Private Water Supply: Conversion to Public Water Supply

The NonCom Scoop newsletters prior to 2016 are available upon request by calling 651-201-4700 or sending an email to

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