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Minnesota Resource Allocation Platform for COVID-19 Treatment

The Minnesota Resource Allocation Platform (MNRAP) is an online tool that connects patients and health care providers with COVID-19 medications that are in limited supply. The platform also helps to distribute these medications in an equitable way when there is not enough for everyone who needs them.

COVID-19 patients, their caregivers, or their health care providers can use the MNRAP to find out which medications are available, whether they will help the person with COVID-19, and whether the person is able to get medication.

If someone can get a COVID-19 medication, the MNRAP passes along information on their behalf to a health care facility that can give it. A final decision about whether someone can get a medication is up to the health care provider at that facility.

How it works

During times when there are enough drugs to go around, information from every patient who could get a drug is passed along to health care providers that give the drug treatments. The platform uses a lottery system when supplies are limited. The system gives every patient who could get medication a chance at getting their information passed along to a health care provider that gives the drug. Health care providers make the final decision about whether these patients are able to get the drug.

Priority is given to long-term care residents and essential workers at high risk for exposure to COVID-19, such as health care workers or teachers. These groups come first due to their higher risk of severe illness and death (long-term care residents) and our need for essential workers to be able to keep doing their jobs to provide services that our communities need.

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