Health Information Exchange (HIE)

Health information exchange (HIE), is defined in Minnesota as the electronic transmission of health-related information between organizations according to nationally recognized standards (Minn. Stat. ยง62J.498 sub. 1(g)). Each time information is sent electronically to another provider it is expected to be done in a uniformly accepted way that meets specific standards to ensure protection of the data and privacy of the patient.

Health Information Exchange Oversight
The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) is required by state law to establish an oversight process that will protect the public interest on matters pertaining to health information exchange. Find out more about the oversight process, how to get involved, and how to connect with state-certified health information organizations.

State-Certified Health Information Organizations
Find more information, including contact details, on the state-certified health information organizations (HIOs).

Minnesota e-Health HIE Task Force (2018-2019)

Minnesota Health Information Exchange Study (2016-2018)

Minnesota Health Information Exchange Framework and Guidance to Support Accountable Health - 2016 Edition (PDF)
The framework provides recommendations on how to use HIE to help support and achieve accountable health. It is a starting point for organizations, networks or collaboratives developing HIE strategies and is intended to be an assessment and planning tool.

The checklist (XLS) is an additional tool for organizations to identify the functions and capabilities they and their partners use.

Minnesota e-Health Roadmap (August 2016)

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