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Minnesota COVID-19 Vaccine Allocation Advisory Group

When COVID-19 vaccine supply was limited, it was distributed in a way to try and save the most lives and put us on a path to end the crisis brought on by the pandemic as quickly as possible.

Minnesota followed federal recommendations to start with the people who were most likely to get COVID-19 and those most at risk of serious complications.

To help figure out how to do that in a fair and equitable way, the State of Minnesota formed the COVID-19 Vaccine Allocation Advisory Group in September 2020. The group included experts from across the state who reviewed guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) about who should get the vaccine first, and made detailed recommendations for how to apply the guidelines in Minnesota.

The Minnesota advisory group was made up of statewide representatives of leading care providers; bioethicists; state, local, and tribal public health representatives; health care associations; and people representing diverse community groups. Advisory group members were identified by MDH staff in consultation with MDH leadership, the Governor's office, and other advisory group members based on areas of expertise that were needed for providing input on vaccine allocation.

The group was guided by four principles:

  • Maximize benefits and minimize harms: Protect the population's health by reducing mortality and serious morbidity.
  • Promote justice: Respect people and groups and promote solidarity and mutual responsibility.
  • Mitigate health inequities: Strive for fairness and protect against systematic unfairness and inequity.
  • Promote transparency: Respond to needs respectfully, fairly, effectively, and efficiently in ways that are accountable, transparent, and worthy of trust.

The advisory group reviewed federal recommendations and provided input on how to implement them in Minnesota. The final decisions about how to distribute COVID-19 vaccine ultimately come from Governor Tim Walz.


Advisory group meetings were not public to provide space for candid conversations and consideration of a variety of viewpoints. Official group recommendations are public and are posted on the MDH website. Agendas and minutes from meetings can be found below.

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