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COVID-19 Vaccine Providers

Planning and guidance for providing COVID-19 vaccine.

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  • COVID-19 Vaccine Provider Registration
    Vaccine providers must sign a federal COVID-19 vaccination agreement and enroll with their state immunization program to receive vaccine. Enrolled vaccination providers will get COVID-19 vaccines from their state immunization program. Vaccines will not be available for purchase.

  • COVID-19 Vaccine Provider Updates
    Weekly COVID-19 vaccine provider bulletins.

  • COVID-19 Vaccine: Redistribution and Off-site Vaccination Guide (PDF)
    Many vaccine providers will need to redistribute COVID-19 vaccine after they receive it from the manufacturer/federal government. MDH has specific requirements for anyone redistributing COVID vaccine. Includes ultra-cold vaccine requirements and optional Vaccine Transfer Record form for your own documentation.
    Updated 12/31/20

  • Template: COVID-19 Screening and Agreement (Word)
    Screening and agreement template for clinics/sites to use before giving COVID-19 vaccine. May not be appropriate for all providers.
    Updated 1/21/21

Vaccine protocol templates:

Vaccine fact sheets (includes translated versions):

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