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Geospatial Data Files

Maps are available as PDFs upon request. Call 651-201-4700 or send an email to to request a map in PDF form.

File Name and Metadata Date Updated File
Class V Sensitivity 12/20/05 Class V Shapefile
Drinking Water Supply Management Areas (DWSMAs) - Groundwater 10/03/17 DWSMAs - Groundwater Shapefile
DWSMAs - Surface Water 05/20/09 DWSMAs - Surface Water Shapefile
DWSMAs - Vulnerability 10/03/17 DWSMAs - Vulnerability Shapefile
Emergency Response Areas (ERAs) 10/03/17 ERA Shapefile
Hydrogeologic Sensitivity of the Water Table Aquifer 04/11/17 Hydrogeologic Sensitivity Raster Dataset
Nitrate Risk to the Water Table Aquifer 04/11/17 Nitrate Risk Raster Dataset
Sealed Wells 02/14/13 Sealed Wells Shapefile
Source Water Assessment Areas (SWAAs) 10/03/17 SWAA Shapefile
Special Well and Boring Construction Area (SWBCA) 04/07/16 SWBCA Shapefile
Transient Noncommunity Inner Wellhead Management Zones (IWMZs) 10/03/17 IWMZ Shapefile
Wellhead Protection Areas (WHPAs) 10/03/17 WHPA Shapefile
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