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Videos for COVID-19 Response

PSAs, instructional videos, and transcripts.

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Masks and face coverings
If you are sick
Protect yourself and others
Hand hygiene

COVID-19 PSA - Stay Safe Minnesota


Mask Do's and Don'ts - For Students

What You Should Do If You Feel Sick - For Students

Masks and face coverings

How to Safely Wear Your Mask

COVID-19 Mask Do's and Don'ts

Mask 101 with Kris Ehresmann


Testing for COVID-19

What to Expect: Getting a nasal swab at a testing event

We are using the nasal swab method shown in the video at all our community testing events. Tests done at another event or facility may be different.

What to Expect: Visiting a COVID-19 Saliva Testing Site

If you are sick

COVID-19 Symptoms PSA

Managing COVID-19 Symptoms at Home

Don't Delay Care for Medical Emergencies

When Can I Return to Work After Being Sick With COVID-19?

When Can I Return to Work if Someone Living With Me is Sick?

Protect yourself and others

Frequently Asked Questions About the COVID-19 Vaccine

How COVID-19 Spreads in Communities

Social Distancing (American Sign Language)

Isolation/Quarantine (American Sign Language)

Mental Health (American Sign Language)

Childhood Vaccinations During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Hand hygiene

How to Wash Your Hands

Cleaning Hands with Hand Sanitizer

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